Ali Babaei – Boghze Mano Ashke Khoda
Boghze Mano Ashke Khoda
New Track By Ali Babaei
Ali BabaeiBoghze Mano Ashke Khoda
Boghze Mano Ashke KhodaAli BabaeiPop865327 Views
865327 Views / Artist : Ali Babaei / Genre : Pop

Boghze Mano Ashke Khoda By Ali Babaei

Release Time : دی , ۱۵ , ۱۳۹۵

Lyrics : Mojtaba Najafi
Arrangement : Moein Taheri
Music : Ali Babaei
Mix & Mastering : Moein Taheri
Relase Time : دی , ۱۵ , ۱۳۹۵

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