Fateh Nooraee – Paeez Gerye Mikone (Ft Sed Jalal)
Paeez Gerye Mikone (Ft Sed Jalal)
New Track By Fateh Nooraee
Fateh NooraeePaeez Gerye Mikone (Ft Sed Jalal)
Paeez Gerye Mikone (Ft Sed Jalal)Fateh NooraeePop132143 Views
132143 Views / Artist : Fateh Nooraee / Genre : Pop

Paeez Gerye Mikone (Ft Sed Jalal) By Fateh Nooraee

Release Time : آبان , ۲۳ , ۱۳۹۶

Lyrics : Amir Aghakhani
Arrangement : Shahin Motevalli
Music : Fateh Nooraee
Mix & Mastering : Shahin Motevalli
Relase Time : آبان , ۲۳ , ۱۳۹۶

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