Hojat Ashrafzadeh – Eshghe Delam (Ft Emad Talebzadeh)
Eshghe Delam (Ft Emad Talebzadeh)
New Track By Hojat Ashrafzadeh
Hojat AshrafzadehEshghe Delam (Ft Emad Talebzadeh)
Eshghe Delam (Ft Emad Talebzadeh)Hojat AshrafzadehPop542720 Views
542720 Views / Artist : Hojat Ashrafzadeh / Genre : Pop

Eshghe Delam (Ft Emad Talebzadeh) By Hojat Ashrafzadeh

Release Time : آذر , ۲۱ , ۱۳۹۶

Lyrics : Mohammad Mohtashami
Arrangement : Farbod Foroughi
Music : Emad Talebzadeh
Mix & Mastering : Farbod Foroughi
Relase Time : آذر , ۲۱ , ۱۳۹۶

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