Mohammad Maghsoudi – Aroomam Mikoni
Aroomam Mikoni
New Album By Mohammad Maghsoudi
Mohammad MaghsoudiAroomam Mikoni
Bi KhabiMohammad MaghsoudiPop525139 Views
Chiko ChikMohammad MaghsoudiPop525139 Views
Din O DonyaMohammad MaghsoudiPop525139 Views
KhazarMohammad MaghsoudiPop525139 Views
VabastehMohammad MaghsoudiPop525139 Views
Vay Az EshghMohammad MaghsoudiPop525139 Views
Aroomam MikoniMohammad MaghsoudiPop525139 Views
525139 Views / Artist : Mohammad Maghsoudi / Genre : Pop

Aroomam Mikoni By Mohammad Maghsoudi

Release Time : آذر , ۲۳ , ۱۳۹۶

Lyrics : Hadis Dehghan
Music : Evan Band
Arrangement : Evan Band
Mix & Mastering : Evan Band
Relase Time : آذر , ۲۳ , ۱۳۹۶

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