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Download Living In The Past a Track By Mehrdad Salek
72630 Views / Artist : Mehrdad Salek

Mehrdad Salek - Living In The Past

Release Time : فروردین , 20 , 1401

Lyrics : Mehrdad Salek
Music : Barbod Band
Arrangement : Babak Farrokhi
Mix & Mastering : Babak Farrokhi

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متن ترانه مهرداد سالک زندگی در گذشته

Living in the farm
far from city
away from places from
where I used to be
Living in the greens
Next to the sea
Away from crowd From
where I used to be
Living far away
Away from the town
Don't know but
Ain't that what I wanted to be
Now I Take my time's
To write my songs
About living in the past
And where I used to be
Now days are passing
And night will comes again
Days are gone
And so I try to live my life
Precious time
Has gone
Still living in the past again
Precious time
Has gone
so that's life
I miss living in the past
And what it used to be
I really really miss those days
And the way it used to be
I used to be in NY city
I used to live in London city
I used to be in Basel city
I realy enjoyed my life
Living in the past
It's a precious time
Life is just fun
Day's goes on
Night will comes
Day's goes on
Age goes up
Line's will come
Hairs goes white
Pains will comes
Some regrets in the past
What was right and
What went wrong
Doesn't realy matter
You can't give in
You have to stand and
Carry on the fight
Time goes on
You can't slow it down
You can't turn it back
One look back
You live in the past and
Life is gone
Life is gone
Life is gone