Hesse Khas (Ft Milad Babaei)|Ali.i.a.n Remix)
New Track By Niksun
NiksunHesse Khas (Ft Milad Babaei)|Ali.i.a.n Remix)
Hesse Khas (Ft Milad Babaei)|Ali.i.a.n Remix)Niksun285836 Views
Views / Artist : Niksun

Niksun - Hesse Khas (Ft Milad Babaei)|Ali.i.a.n Remix)

Release Time : آذر , 16 , 1393

Lyrics & Melody : Milad Babaei
Remix : Dj AliiAn
Record : Hafez Studio
Production Manager Mohammadreza Nikfar


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