Bargard To Pisham (Ft Foad Chilick)
New Track By Parsa Chilick
Parsa ChilickBargard To Pisham (Ft Foad Chilick)
Bargard To Pisham (Ft Foad Chilick)Parsa Chilick598611 Views
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Parsa Chilick - Bargard To Pisham (Ft Foad Chilick)

Release Time : مرداد , ۳۱ , ۱۳۹۴

Lyrics & Music : Chilick Brothers
Mix & Mastering : Rasool Mozaffari
Record : Chilick Studio


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::.. erfan0067 ..::
4 years ago

ااااوووووووفففففف ایــــــن دو نفــــــــــر منــــــو دیــــــوونـــــــــه کـــــــــردن بخـــــــــــدا