Meghdad Mousapour Shale Khis (Ft Rasoul Mousapour) | آهنگ جدید مقداد و رسول موسی پور به نام شال خیس
Shale Khis (Ft Rasoul Mousapour)
New Track By Meghdad Mousapour
Meghdad MousapourShale Khis (Ft Rasoul Mousapour)
Shale Khis (Ft Rasoul Mousapour)Meghdad MousapourPop438803 Views
438803 Views / Artist : Meghdad Mousapour

Meghdad Mousapour - Shale Khis (Ft Rasoul Mousapour)

Release Time : آبان , ۳۰ , ۱۳۹۴

Lyrics : Ali Esmaeili
Arrangement : Meghdad Mousapour
Music : Meghdad & Rasoul Mousapour
Mix & Mastering : Meghdad Mousapour
Release Time : آبان , ۳۰ , ۱۳۹۴

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