Amir Masoud Sedigh – Boghz
New Album By Amir Masoud Sedigh
Amir Masoud SedighBoghz
Demo Albom BoghzAmir Masoud SedighPop628967 Views
Be To MohtajamAmir Masoud SedighPop628967 Views
Dari Del Mikani Az KiAmir Masoud SedighPop628967 Views
Eshgh ToAmir Masoud SedighPop628967 Views
Hanoozam Mishe BargardiAmir Masoud SedighPop628967 Views
Ghalat KardamAmir Masoud SedighPop628967 Views
BoghzAmir Masoud SedighPop628967 Views
MitarsamAmir Masoud SedighPop628967 Views
628967 Views / Artist : Amir Masoud Sedigh

Amir Masoud Sedigh - Boghz

Release Time : مرداد , ۱۸ , ۱۳۹۶


Demo Albom Boghz
Be To Mohtajam
Dari Del Mikani Az Ki
Hanoozam Mishe Bargardi
Ghalat Kardam
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