Yousef Aghayarzadeh – Delam Mire (Ft Omid Esmailkhani)
Delam Mire (Ft Omid Esmailkhani)
New Track By Yousef Aghayarzadeh
Yousef AghayarzadehDelam Mire (Ft Omid Esmailkhani)
Delam Mire (Ft Omid Esmailkhani)Yousef AghayarzadehPop542068 Views
542068 Views / Artist : Yousef Aghayarzadeh / Genre : Pop

Delam Mire (Ft Omid Esmailkhani) By Yousef Aghayarzadeh

Release Time : مرداد , ۷ , ۱۳۹۷

Lyrics : Mohsen Hagh Nazari
Arrangement : Hossein Ghamgin
Music : Mohammad Abedini
Mix & Mastering : Edris Rezaei Far
Relase Time : مرداد , ۷ , ۱۳۹۷

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