Majid Alipour Khodahafez Vali | آهنگ جدید مجید علیپور به نام خداحافظ ولی
Khodahafez Vali
New Album By Majid Alipour
Majid AlipourKhodahafez Vali
Khodahafez ValiMajid AlipourPop114403 Views
BaronMajid AlipourPop114403 Views
Azabam MideMajid AlipourPop114403 Views
Shayad Ye RozMajid AlipourPop114403 Views
Aros GardonMajid AlipourPop114403 Views
Majid AlipourMajid AlipourPop114403 Views
VelgardMajid AlipourPop114403 Views
Ghasam NakhorMajid AlipourPop114403 Views
Yek Do SeMajid AlipourPop114403 Views
Shal GardanMajid AlipourPop114403 Views
Velam KardiMajid AlipourPop114403 Views
114403 Views / Artist : Majid Alipour

Majid Alipour - Khodahafez Vali

Release Time : تیر , ۲۰ , ۱۳۹۸

Lyrics : Mohsen Zamanian, Majid Alipour
Music : Majid Alipour
Arrangement : Majid Alipour, Farshid Hosseinjanzadeh
Mix & Mastering : Majid Alipour, Farshid Hosseinjanzadeh
Release Time : تیر , ۲۰ , ۱۳۹۸

Khodahafez Vali
Shayad Ye Roz
Majid Alipour
Ghasam Nakhor
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