Alamdaram Nayamad
New Album By Mohammad Yas
Mohammad YasAlamdaram Nayamad
Del o DeldaramMohammad YasPop116873 Views
Khodavanda Alamdaram NayamadMohammad YasPop116873 Views
Baz Mano Baroone CheshamMohammad YasPop116873 Views
Dele Divooneye Man Mesle AhooMohammad YasPop116873 Views
MadarMohammad YasPop116873 Views
Views / Artist : Mohammad Yas

Mohammad Yas - Alamdaram Nayamad

Release Time : شهریور , ۱۴ , ۱۳۹۸


Del o Deldaram
Khodavanda Alamdaram Nayamad
Baz Mano Baroone Chesham
Dele Divooneye Man Mesle Ahoo
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