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Yas Bande Naaf Ta Khatte Saaf (Ft Moer)
YasBande Naaf Ta Khatte Saaf (Ft Moer)252582 View
Yas Nameyi Be Farzand
YasNameyi Be Farzand1279700 View
Yas Boghz Yani (Ft AaMin)
YasBoghz Yani (Ft AaMin)330182 View
Yas Hamechi Dorost Mishe
YasHamechi Dorost Mishe722307 View
Yas Mosafer
YasMosafer928057 View
Yas Bad Shodam
YasBad Shodam413716 View
Yas Zende Bad Iran
YasZende Bad Iran949330 View
Yas 2x2Ta 4Ta
Yas2x2Ta 4Ta680407 View
Yas Vasiat Nameh
YasVasiat Nameh891376 View
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Yas Hoviate Man
YasHoviate Man2019771 View
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Yas Faryas (Faryad e Yas)
YasFaryas (Faryad e Yas)195697 View
Yas Vaghte Raftan (Ft Aamin)
YasVaghte Raftan (Ft Aamin)1342923 View