Esmesh Eshghe (Ft Mohammad Manouchehri)
New Track By Mehdi Gharib
Mehdi GharibEsmesh Eshghe (Ft Mohammad Manouchehri)
Esmesh Eshghe (Ft Mohammad Manouchehri)Mehdi GharibPop121959 Views
Views / Artist : Mehdi Gharib

Mehdi Gharib - Esmesh Eshghe (Ft Mohammad Manouchehri)

Release Time : فروردین , ۱۲ , ۱۳۹۸

Guitar: Arsham Mahdan
Tomba: Mohsen Barjesteh
Music: Mehdi Gharib
Arrangement: Mehdi Gharib
Mix & Mastering: Mehdi Gharib
Instagram: Mehdi_Gharib_Music
Instagram: Mohammadmanouchehri1


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